Dream Catcher House

from Lnna Homes Magazine, 2008

Cover picture from Lanna House magazine, featuring Dreamcatchers B&BNo dream can come true without paying price or true resolution. More we attempt to change dream-world into reality, more happiness we can possess. Today, we will visit the charming house called ‘Dream Catcher House’, the house which is the consequence of the owner’s dream.
In the past time, it’s rare and looked strange when a foreigner came to settle down and decided to spend the rest of their life in Thailand. Surely, it would become talk of the town of the community. As well as, people around there would seek for the causes of that decision. Differently, at this moment, there are lots of foreign people living in Thailand as they are fond of the unique characteristics of Thai society as well as warm hospitality of Thai people. Wherever they come from and whatever occupations they do, rest of them always were friendly-welcomed by Thais. That’s why, nowadays, we can see Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, etc. everywhere in our country.

A truly bewitching house was constructed in Lanna Bali contemporary style mixed with European ambience on a plot on land of Saraphi district. Though, the design of the building is not too complicated, the house is magnificent with its unique characteristics of the antique house. The building can be seen as an accommodation, a pavilion, or even a granary, depends on the different viewpoints. From the first glimpse of mine, I can touch its strong sense of a great living place, tranquility, wealth, happiness and dream spreading from all components of the house. And, the power of its beauty is so influential making everybody cannot help to take some memorable photos.

Annabel Larocque, the house owner, revealed that since her business, she has traveled and experienced more than half countries all over the world, but finally she chose Chiang Mai to be the place where she eager to spend rest of the late of her life. It is not easy at all to find a city with all of desirable features including peacefulness, friendliness, safety as well as heartfelt hospitality of local people as Chiang Mai. Accordingly, the house and home-stay guest house were designed by Lanna architecture based on lifestyles and applications of the owner and her daughter.  Being a foresighted person, the idea of constructing this house is the great deal of investment for the future because it is not only the pleasing living place for family, but it is also the guesthouse for any visitor who desires truly rustic atmosphere of Chiang Mai.

All the buildings are located in the interconnected area, including both single and double storey. The main house is the owner’s home having bedroom, drawing room, office, dining room, and pantry. The kitchen locates separately in the single-storeyed building which is decorated in Bali architectural aspects—a circle shaped building roofed with two levels of Din Khaw tiles (authentic northern roof tiles) and embellished with an attractive sculptured phoenix. All of kitchen utensils and cookwares are designed in European style. The guest houses are designed in Lanna-contemporary aspect using local building materials. For instance, a house is uniquely designed to be a guesthouse which appears like a granary: each floor includes 2 bedrooms with private restroom as well as an aged teak house-post supporting the real ambience of ancient house. The terrace of main house and guesthouse is interconnected with the panoramic bird’s eyes view which is the unique characteristic of Thai styled house. Sitting on this terrace, you can touch extraordinary feeling making you don’t want to move yourself elsewhere.

Swimming pool is one of the essential parts of westerners’ house. So, the swimming pool is also provided for any guest because the weather here is suitable to swim in every season. The pool is in fashionable design—pool edges are lower than the water surface making swimmers feels as if swimming in natural place. Beautiful pavilion is located close to the pool offering guest the service that imitates beach-side service of the south. Elephant sculpture and Bali garden creates the perfect mixture of western and Lanna lifestyle. So, this place becomes a paradise for all westerners situating in the north of Thailand.

All of the houses are garnished in the same style of interior decoration which creates the unity of local and rustic atmosphere of Northern Thailand. The furniture is in local style and most of them are freestanding items. All of furnishing items are masterfully reformed to be antique style. Despite of Lanna furniture, interior decoration of the house also includes western aspects including lighting effect, color tone and selections, wall decoration, and furnishing arrangement. The harmonious mixture of both aspects of interior decoration makes every area of the house lively and pleasant.

Situating in the favorable location, near Ping River, it is accordingly able to build a waterway that gives all guest the feeling of liveliness. The houses are decorated in simple way as the lifestyle of oriental people. This is a dream of the owner that comes true. So, dream catchers, the Native American amulet, are embellished all around the house to remind herself as well as all visitors that this is the house of “Dream Catcher” who can change her dream into reality.

If you want to join catching the dream with her, please contact 52/18 Moo 9 Buak Krok Tai T. Thawangtan A. Saraphee Chiang Mai, 50140; Tel 08-19504233; website: www.dreamcatchersbnb.com Another paradise of Chiang Mai is waiting for you.

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